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Cotton Rose Boutique

What is "Cotton Rose"? I get this a lot in passing. To be honest, this is something that means the world to my family and myself. My grandmother, Margarette, meant the world to me. Her favorite flower was a rose. She had rose bushes when was growing up. I can still hear her saying "look how beautiful they are". I believe that everyone had one of the worst years of their lives in 2020. Towards the end of the year my husband, Chris and I decided we wanted to bring joy, in not only our lives, but yours as well. This boutique was designed specifically for buying cute clothing and accessories handpicked by yours truly. Our sizes run from SMALL TO 3XL. With that being said, you will never pay more here because you are a bigger figure. Size doesn't determine style here. Welcome to the "bestie" club. Come see us live, every Thursday night at 7:00 CST on Facebook. Be sure you follow us!

Meet the staff

Megan Isham

Hi Besties! I am Megan. The owner of Cotton Rose boutique. I am happily married to my husband, Chris for 9 years, this year! We have two handsome boys togther.

Victoria Golob

Hi! I'm Victoria, mostly known as Vicky. I am the VP of Cotton Rose Boutique. I am 28 Years old. Born & raised in Gallatin,Tn. I have been friends with the family for 10+ years. Anyone who knows me, knows I love to shop, so being a part of CRB gives me so much fulfillment knowing I can help shop for you all! o am a Process Auditor & an Assistant Manager at Local seasonal restruant. Work = my life.

Carley Kellog

Hi, I'm Carley. I'm the Quality Assurance Manager here at Cotton Rose Boutique. I am a mom of one and my Husband is in the USAF.

Shelby Golob

Hi, I'm Shelby. I am the Quality Assurance Assistant here at Cotton Rose Boutique. I am 22, a full time nurse and engaged to my life long best friend.

Daniel Mullins

Hi, I'm Daniel. I am the CCO here behind the sceens of Cotton Rose Boutique. I am Megan's brother.

Logan Snow

Hi! I'm Logan. I am the CFO and photographer here at Cotton Rose Boutique. I am a soon to be Alumni of Western Kentucky University where I am obtaining a degree in Political Science and Legal Studies. I enjoy all things finance and working with numbers, which makes me an appropriate canidate to assist with the finances of Cotton Rose boutique.