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About Me: 

Hi! I am Megan. Owner of Cotton Rose Boutique. We are located in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I am so excited for you to join us on this Journey. I work full time on the IT side of healthcare. I am Happily Married with 2 boys,  Mason and Rhett. 

Why did I start a boutique?

Simple. I am a curvy gal who loves to shop. I love supporting small and local! However, I would feel discouraged when shop owners would tell us curvy gals that we have to pay $2-$4 dollars extra because of the size. Why? This would literally bring tears to my eyes time and time again. I would spend upwards of $40 or more for a shirt and this shirt would not last a season. I am apparently very hard on clothes. I knew I wanted to open a women's clothing boutique that offered affordable options that didn’t sacrifice in style or quality. Time and time again, I would shop online and be disappointed by the selection of items at all price points. Affordable pieces of clothing would literally distroy in the wash after one cycle and quality pieces often lacked a unique trendy twist. I discussed my dream of starting a movement with my husband, Chris. As always, he 100% had my back. We took a small amount out of savings and started researching what we needed to start up. I needed a name. I needed something that was different. Something that was soft yet raw. Cotton. Rose. 

As a small business, I want to create a community and to share the face behind the store! I don’t want our connection to stop at the check-out process.
For my future posts I’ll be sharing fashion trends, styling tips, even some more about me!


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