Metaphysical Collection

It can be intense and overwhelming when first learning about crystals and their healing properties, so it's best to start out with the basics. Crystals are a great way to introspect, protect from negative energies, and attract positive energy. So which ones should you start out with? While all crystals are incredibly powerful and helpful, our picks of the top 8 beginner crystals are sure to ease you into the magical world of crystals.

AMETHYST- This powerful calming stone is wonderful for individuals who suffer from anxiety or mood swings. 

CLEAR QUARTZ- This crystal is referred to as a 'Master Healer' because it supports deep healing on all levels.

ROSE QUARTZ-This stone is AMAZING for bringing in all kinds of love-- self-love, relationships, and emotional balance.

SELENITE- Selenite is an amazing crystal that never needs energetic cleansing, in fact, it has such high vibrational and clear energy it can clear other crystals bad juju. Simply placing your other stones near or on a selenite piece will transmute low vibrations into higher ones and allow the purest intentions for each crystal to be met.

BLACK TOURMALINE-Black Tourmaline is an excellent stone for grounding as it brings you gently into your body and your own needs, like a really good hug.

AGATE(gemstone)- It transforms negative energy into positive energy. Agate enhances mental function, improves concentration, enhances perception and analytical abilities. It is a soothing and calming gemstone that heals inner anger, anxiety and helps in the strengthening of relationships. Agate instills security and safety.